Ben + Jami | Ferrante's Lakeview | Greensburg, Pennsylvania

January 09, 2020  •  3 Comments

Ben + Jami

Ferrante's Lakeview


Greensburg, Pennsylvania


Our last Wedding of the 2019 season- so bittersweet! What a perfect Winter wedding from the weather (being not so cold), the wintery details and Christmas decorations, and the gorgeous attire of the wedding party! We began the day at Sanctus Spa and Salon where the girls got ready for the day. The rest of the wedding day unfolded at Ferrante's Lakeview which was beautifully decorated for the holiday season. Such an amazing day celebrating Ben + Jami! Oh and might I add the endless display of cookies was all thanks to Jami's Gram....STUNNING. Take a peak at the cake too, compliments of one of the bridesmaids ;)


Check out the highlights from Ben + Jami's wedding day!

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Best Wishes to Ben + Jami!!

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