Matt + Sarah | Threadbare Cider House | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 31, 2019  •  2 Comments

Matt + Sarah

Threadbare Cider House


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Another amazing weekend with the most perfect fall weather! We had such a great day celebrating with Matt + Sarah. We started the day in a cute industrial style Airbnb where Sarah + Matt got ready. They shared their first look, and we were off to the park for portraits. To top it off, their wedding events took place at the Threadbare Cider House. The cutest little cider house with amazing food and an array of different ciders.... and a very creative (purple) Gin + Tonic specialty drink. Sarah also had some gorgeous cakes-- yes not only 1 but 3 wedding cakes!

Check out the highlights from Matt + Sarah's wedding day!


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Best Wishes to Matt + Sarah!!

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Portraits  |  Allegheny Commons Park

Ceremony + Reception  |  Threadbare Cider House



Charli Smith(non-registered)
I had a winter wedding reception. It was held in January, and the colors were red and silver. I had sugar pine cones and holly berries on my cake, and cranberries in a tall, thin vase as centerpieces.
Charli Smith(non-registered)
I need to know what event should be first, how many days apart the next one should be, and who should be invited.
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