Nathan + Erin | Templeton Landing | Buffalo, New York

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Nathan + Erin

Templeton Landing


Buffalo, New York


What an amazing adventure we had in Buffalo, New York with Erin + Nathan. We started the trip after photographing a gorgeous fall wedding on Friday and we hit the road and set out on a 4 hour drive at 10pm that night. We began their day at the Buffalo Grand Hotel where Erin + Nathan got ready for their big day! They shared their first look outside of the hotel in front of the huge fountains then we headed to the venue at Templeton Landing which was right off the lake. To make it even better they had a ROOFTOP ceremony that overlooked the city and boat docks. We even snuck away during dinner to get some amazing sunset photos. They danced the night away with friends and family and Nathan enjoyed some cigars with the guys towards the end of the night. Everything was so amazing and Erin + Nathan were so accommodating the entire day....they were such sweethearts. We are so glad we got to be apart of such an amazing experience.

This trip was absolutely amazing!! We stayed an extra two night, explored Buffalo..tried the ever so famous "buffalo wings", hit up a cool coffee shop (couldn't just have one cup). We explored some breweries where there were some die hard fans watching the football game. Later in the evening we hit up the Post Malone concert...because why not!! It was overall an amazing weekend.... shooting back to back weddings with some amazing clients and experiencing so many things in such a historical city. 

Check out the highlights from Nathan + Erin's wedding day!


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Best Wishes to Nathan + Erin!!

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Ceremony + Portraits + Reception  |  Templeton Landing



Nathan Carter(non-registered)
These are absolutely phenomenal, Kat & Jake! Thank you both so much! You captured this incredible day so well.
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