Jeffrey + Jessica | Sanaview Farms | Champion, Pennsylvania

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Jeffrey + Jessica

Sanaview Farms


Champion, Pennslyvania


Jess and I go wayyy back...we graduated high school together so when she came to me in search of a photographer I was so excited to work with her. Their engagement session was such an adventure, we met at Four Seasons Brewery in Latrobe to do a brewery themed session and it was awesome... not to mention the delicious beers we enjoyed during the shoot :) The following year, their wedding day quickly approached. Sanaview Farms was so gorgeous, they couldn't have picked a better location for their big day. They shared their hand written vowels to each other and tied the knot. Guests enjoyed cocktail hour with Jess's favorite....pot stickers, delicious appetizers, cookies, and OH Jeff's very own hand made beer called the "Homebrew". 


Check out the highlights from Jeffrey + Jessica's wedding day!



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Best Wishes to Jeff + Jess!!!

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